[SOLVED] [Help] logical Path

Stuck on another level…can’t pass without asking, but if it says: ‘’# If BOTH secretA and secretB are true, take the high path; otherwise, take the low path.’’ So, my only option was to get the if else. But then it would mean cleave. Please help. Thanks! :heart:

@Swordandshield please post your code

You mean to take a picture or just write it down?

I’m going out now, just wait for me.

Copy and paste it here, and format it with triple back ticks (```)

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I didn’t do anything, because I couldn’t kill the wizard. I looked at if/else, else, and while-true loop but they didn’t help.
Sorry I took so long, @SuperSmacker.

As I told you, I didn’t have any.

You shouldn’t kill the wizard, you’re supposed to do what the comments tell you to do. At least try to attempt to solve it before asking us.

I did, @Chaboi_3000.

So did you create a code? Even if it doesn’t work, it’s a step in coding. Can you post the code here? Without any code though, we won’t know what you are missing

But-I have a sister who knows how to do coding, but she stopped CodeCombat halfway. I don’t think she knows about it, because she’s making websites not playing CodeCombat game. So, I wrote my code down and its:

while True:

That’s for ‘’# If BOTH secretA and secretB are true, take the high path; otherwise, take the low path.’’ The others I can figure out.

Reset the level, and try reading the comments carefully. This uses if/else/or and those comparing concepts and the seed is always different, so you have to read the comments and do it again as it tells you to. And don’t use the simple boots, use a normal boot that actually takes you to an X and Y coordinate

Try reviewing some of the comparing concept levels, and also review the early forest levels to get the hang of using hero.moveXY(), if/else or/not, and variables. Practice those, then come back to this level.

Thank you for your advice, @Chaboi_3000! I’ll come back later :grin:

YAY! I finished it! Thank you, everyone! :smiley:

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