[Solved] Help Mountain Mercenaries

The code works, but the soldiers die like flies. Level not passed

while True:
    coin = hero.findNearestItem()
    if coin:
    if hero.gold > hero.costOf("soldier"):
    enemy = hero.findNearest(hero.findEnemies())
    if enemy:
        soldiers = hero.findFriends()
        soldierIndex = 0
        soldier = soldiers[soldierIndex]
        while soldierIndex < len(soldiers):
            soldier = soldiers[soldierIndex]
            hero.command(soldier, "attack", enemy)
            soldierIndex += 1


try the ring of speed. it will help you generate soldiers a lot faster. your code is the same as mine was and the only difference I can see is that I used the ring.

Also, in your uploaded picture, what type of sense stone is that just to the right of the glasses? I don’t recognize it and can’t find it in the items list.

Thank you. With the ring passed)