[Solved] HELP! Spring Thunder


Please help-I can only get the coins but not the gems. I don’t know the code to get the gems. I’m so confused-I don’t know what this means:

# A blue gem has a value of 10.
# Collect if item.type is equal to “gem”
# AND item.value is equal to 10.

Thoughts appreciated thanks!


The comment is about checking if the item you pick is a gem with value 10.
Lets say item is the item that you check. Then you must check if item.type is "gem" and if item.value is 10. Tell me if you need more help.


Okay. Could you show me how to do it in code? :slightly_smiling_face:


(I kept trying to look on the other Spring Thunder topics but I didn’t understand still.) Sorry if I understand it slowly, I’m a slow coder.


Now I can’t get the coins either!!! I wonder what’s happening…could you please help me, @xantar? I have no idea how to do this-I don’t think my other lessons were as tricky as this!


you would have to chech if the item.type == gem so here is how you would put it if item.type == "gem"
the == is comparing between 2 objects. And the "" is something. Just place the item that you need in the ""
For the value part you would need to compare to see if it is == equal to whatever the value is. Do not put numbers in brackets) So this is all you need to knowfor Spring Thunder @SwordandShield


Python: if item.type=="gem" and… I think you can figure out the rest


It worked! Thank you very much, @xantar and @Enderlord832! :grinning: