[SOLVED]How do I command things for cloudrip brawl (JS)?

I dont understand how to command things

Have you done mountain mercenaries and the other levels in that area?
It’s pretty much just for loops over an array of friends, then if friend.type == “soldier” or “archer” then you hero.command(friend, “attack”, anEnemy). You can define the enemy as the friend’s nearest enemy or as your nearest enemy.

umm I know I shouldnt have done this but i skipped some levels…

For example

while True
    friends = hero.findFriends() #finds friends
    for friend in friends: #runs through friends one by one
         enemy = friend.findNearestEnemy() #finds the enemy closest to the friend
         if enemy: #checks if there is an enemy
                  hero.command(friend, attack, enemy)#makes the friend attack the enemy


I am on javascript @Lydia_Song

Please delete that since it is a solution.

maybe you should go back and do the levels.

sorry then i am no help i am on my new account and i am python but use the boss stars

Not an expert at JavaScript, but in JavaScript, it would still look very similar just with more brackets.

As everyone has said: go back to the first mountain levels and do all of them, while concentrating on what they’re telling you to do. I see you didn’t use a for loop. In the level it clearly tells you to use for loops. Make sure you follow the instructions otherwise you won’t be able to command troops.

ok @Deadpool198 can you close this topic