[Solved] I cant do the level sarven sentrey please help me

i just refreshed my code for help please help me

# Use different colored flags to perform different tasks.

while True:
    flagGreen = hero.findFlag("green")
    flagBlack = hero.findFlag("black")
    # If there's a flagGreen...
        # Build a "fence" at flagGreen's position.
        # Pick up the flag!
    # If there's a flagBlack...
        # Build a "fire-trap" at flagBlack's position.
        # Pick up the flag!
    # Move back to the center.
    hero.moveXY(43, 31)

So do something like this.

if flagBlack:
        # Build a "fire-trap" at flagBlack's position.
        hero.buildXY("fire-trap", flagBlack.pos.x, flagBlack.pos.y)
        # Pick up the flag!

Do this for the green one but build fences

ok here let me try that

i finished it thanks man

also it wont let me say the solution

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this was the solution

how do i do that (20 char)

oh found it thanks really

You’re welcome, have a good day.

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