(Solved) I need help with the DropTheFlag level in Python

Basically what is happening is I used some of the code from the other articles but when I try to run the code, they never seem to work. Here is my current code in case anyone is wondering:

# Put flags where you want to build traps.
# When you're not building traps, pick up coins!

while True:
    flag = hero.findFlag()
    if flag:
        # How do we get flagX and flagY from the flag's pos?
        # (Look below at how to get x and y from items.)
        fx = flag.pos.x
        fy = flag.pos.y
        hero.buildXY("fire-trap", fx, fy)
        item = hero.findNearestItem()
        if item:
            itemPos = item.pos
            itemX = itemPos.x
            itemY = itemPos.y
            hero.moveXY(itemX, itemY)

Anyway, his is confusing me a lot, and also this is my first time on CodeCombat in a few months so I am pretty rusty anyway.

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if you have already solved the level than you can just deleat the topic completely.