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[SOLVED] Need help with item

Why does the stone builder hammer not place anything besides fire-traps. All he does when I try to build a decoy or arrow-tower my hero just stands on the point I set for him build on.

Im not sure what item are you talking about could u send a Screenshot also?

no gold. 20characters

you need 20 gold for a decoy and 75 gold for arrow-tower. copper coins worth one gold, and silver coins 2, and gold coins 3.

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no I mean no matter what it won’t build on any level

you need gold. Go on backwoods treasure, get 20 gold, and build a decoy. really, just try it out, as you have decent health

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Okay I will try this thanks

oh yes it worked thank you. @Deadpool198 or @Luke10 can y’all marked this as solved please. Thank you

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@Archipelago-Gold, you can mark it as solved. Edit it, as I can’t.

oh okay see there are still many things I don’t know about this forum lol

how do i mark that you solved it though?

I usually just have deadpool do it

I’ll do it 20 charssss