[SOLVED] Need some help on the hunt begins

this is my code

# Senick is trying to find the elusive Burleous Majoris!
# But he doesn't know how big a Burleous Majoris would be...
# Find the average size of this burl population to use as a baseline!

# This function returns average size of all the burls in an array.
def averageSize(burls):
    burls = hero.findByType("burl")
    sum = sumSize(burls)
    # Remember the average is the sum of the parts divided by the amount!
    return sum / burls.length

# This function should return the sum of all the burls sizes.
def sumSize(burls):
    size = 0
    # Implement the sum function using the burls 'size':
    for burl in burls:
        size = size+burl.size

while True:
    # Find the average size of the burls by calling the 'averageSize' function.
    # Say the average size of the seen burls!

No worries I already passed this level