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[Solved] Need some help with Reward and ruination


What do you guys think? The issue appears to be the last line of code; is it supposed to have parentheses?

Thanks guys.


Did you try using parentheses?


No, it’s just that the arrangement was incorrect. It was supposed to be like
itemPos = item.pos.x + " " + item.pos.y. (Hint: The format was in the first block of code for attacking the enemies.)


I have… I’ve tried multiple variations with parentheses. Were you able to make this work?


Isn’t that exactly what I had? I can’t see any differences between this and the first block of code. Can you try explaining again?


You have itemPos = item.pos.x " " + item.pos.y.


The previous commenter said it needed to be itemPos.

I’m also not seeing any difference between the first block of code and the second. The line that is failing doesn’t appear different from the previous.


Nevermind… Got it…