[SOLVED] Operation ´Killdeer´ LvL help ( Python)

i dont know whats wrong whith my code. I saw some other solutions but they didnt worked.
Her is my Code:

   def shouldRun():
       if hero.health < hero.maxHealth / 2:
           return True
           return False
   enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
   while True:
       if shouldRun == True:
           hero.moveXY(75, 37)

Hi @paddok, welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse! :tada:
There are two problems here:
Firstly this line:

If you want to “call” (that is “use”) a function that you have defined (here: shouldRun()), you need to call it using brackets after the name like when you defined it. shouldRun(), instead of shouldRun. That’s purely technical.
Secondly: the position of this line:

I’ll let you think about that one. (Remember that a variable only changes inside a loop…).


Hey Danny,
thank you for your help. Everything is working :smiley: I had a few problems by reading you solution because im just 13 Years old and a German boy :open_mouth: But it worked! We read us ;D

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now that you found the answer u need please make sure to click the solution box with a check mark next to the comment that gave u the solution and i will put the title to solved.

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