{SOLVED} Prime Pathing [HELP!] Language: Javascript or Python (either is fine)

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Ok, can you help and give me clues?

Sorry I haven’t done this level before and welcome to the forum!

ok, shall i give you a tour? I mean I want to give you a tour of the level.

Here is the direct link to the level! Prime Pathing in Kelvintaph Glacier

@Deadpool198? @AnSeDra? help!

what about @xython? please?

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Welcome. I guess I’m a little confused. When you say you just created an account a few minutes ago, is that for CodeCombat or the Forum? That level is an advanced level and you have some good gear.

One way do complete this level is creating a huge list of all the Prime numbers to check against. I didn’t feel like trying to figure out an algorithm to find Prime numbers. Once you know what traps are duds, command your hero and friends to walk through them.

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Hi The_Master_Coder,

Welcome to the forum, and well done for getting as far as you have (particularly if you’re 8 :grin:). You should be able to solve this with good code and the equipment you have!

You want to write a function to check whether a number is prime. Two bits of information that will help:

  • You want to check whether your big number leaves a remainder when you divide it by a smaller number - if it divides exactly then the big number isn’t a prime. How do you check for a remainder?

  • You need to check all the small numbers from 2 upwards towards your big number, so you’ll need a for loop. However a hint - you only need to check up to the square root of the big number. So if you were trying to find out if 119 was prime, you’d only need to check the small numbers up to 10 (the square root of 119 is 10.9).

Have a go at writing some code, and post again if you’re stuck.


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Actually @Deadpool198, I was trying to say that I solved it yesterday, but it said that I reached the limit of replying for one day and it muted me for the day. Sorry about that! but I am done with it.

I need help on something else: Sarven Brawl 4 help! {Python}

nevermind, I finished!

Also, can you help me?

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