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[SOLVED] Safe Spot - Help Please!

def almostEqual(n1, n2):
    return abs(n1 - n2) <= 0.5

# The function checks that all 
# thangs are on the same distance from the hero.
def allSameDistance(thangs):
    if len(thangs) == 0:
        return True
    # We can use any thang as an etalon.
    etalon = hero.distanceTo(thangs[0])
    # Iterate all thangs:
    for thang in thangs:
        # Use almostEqual to compare `etalon` and the distance to `unit`.
        # If they are not equal (almost):
        if not almostEqual(etalon, thangs):
            # Return False.
            return False
    # All the same. Return  True.
    return True

bombs = hero.findEnemies()
for x in range(36, 45):
    for y in range(30, 39):
        hero.moveXY(x, y)
        if allSameDistance(bombs):
            # It's a safe spot. Rock'n'Roll!
            hero.moveXY(40, 58)

hero.say("Heh. Nothing.");

My hero always ends up saying “heh. Nothing” and then dying

If you make a function you have to call the function in order to execute the code.

I did. if allSameDistance(bombs):

if not (almostEqual(hero.distanceTo(thang), etalon)):

Thank you. that worked!

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