[SOLVED] Sand Snakes Python and Javascript

Hi I would like to compare Python and Javascript codes on Sand Snakes. I have python one do you have javascript code for this level?

can I have a link to the level @yigit

what does it mean exactly? @milton.jinich

Python and Javascript are pretty similar. It is just Javascript has a lot more brackets.
For example:

while True:

I haven’t learned Javascript yet so . . . could anyone “translate” for me?
I assume it is

while(true) {

milton.jinich, yigit just wants to compare Python and Javascript code.
yigit, if you’ve already passed the level, congrats! But we cannot give solutions even if you have passed the level. So I am doing an example code to help you compare. Hope that helps.
Edit: Made this a wiki so anyone can “translate” python into javascript.
Edit by @ineedhelpwithcoding: you added 4 more spaces then needed

Wait @Lydia_Song how do you know what is wrong if he hasn’t shown his code

I don’t know what is wrong, but I assume yigit has passed the level and they would just like to compare the code.

As I said


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Yep i have passed just slowly slowly i would like to change my language to understand syntax differences

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Did my example help you?


Yeah. no rush it was good for beginning

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