[SOLVED] Sarven Savior Help!

# An ARRAY is a list of items.
# This array is a list of your friends' names.
friendNames = ['Joan' 'Ronan' 'Nikita' 'Augustus' ]
# Array indices start at 0, not 1!
friendIndex = 0
# Loop over each name in the array.
# The .length property gets the length of the array.
while friendIndex < friendNames.length:
    # Use square brackets to get a name from the array.
    friendName = friendNames[friendIndex]
    # Tell your friend to go home.
    # Use + to connect two strings.
    hero.say (friendName + ', go home!')
    # Increment the index to get the next name from the array.
friendIndex += 1
# Go back and build a fence to keep the ogres out.
hero.moveXY (26, 30)
hero.buildXY ('fence', 29, 30)

I tried other people post but it didn’t help, my code is on the top.

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Why don’t you increase friendIndex in the while loop? Because this is what causes the infinite loop.



wow, I can’t believe I missed that! Thank you for your help!


Congrats on solving the level! Can you check the tick mark next to the comment that helped you the most?

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