[SOLVED] The Final Kithmaze Code Combat

If you saw I said “ask for help or get the answers” and "It’s up for the author and you are not the author of this current post @John_Lang

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But it isn’t up to the author. You aren’t allowed to post completed code. Also, if you want to discuss the “current post”, that was already solved years ago. Or, if you mean “current post” as in the most recent request for help, you could do something about it, instead of arguing with a post I made years ago.

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@John_Lang yes this was solved years ago but the author is the mighty one it is @Benjamin_van_den_Bra post. NOW please STOP @'ing me and. ok end of this current discussion
This is me giving you a warning you before lighting you up.

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  1. No, the OP can’t get other people to break the forum rules.
  2. You’re the one who reopened this thread.
  3. “this is me giving you a warning you before lighting you up” Really?
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@John_Lang I’m done
shut up
I don’t care anymore

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  1. Great.
  2. About what? Whether they ask for the solution or not? Yes, it is, but as a community member, it is my choice to let them know that they can’t ask for the solution. If you mean it’s the author’s choice about whether they get the solution, you’re wrong. And no, I don’t particularly want a response.
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If they are troubley stuck they can ask for the answer
If they say “give me a couple of hints” you give them hints. Hopefully, this will solve your problem :dark_sunglasses:

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Yes, but if they ask for the answer, they won’t get it. Also, my problem? You’re the one who brought this up.

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Guys, settle down. This topic has been “dead” for over 4 months, and the topic owner isn’t active anymore. Let’s try to be more respectful to each other next time.