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[SOLVED] The Wizard's Door Help Needed

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Seventh Grade can take up a lot of your time and any other free time. First of all I want to give a shout-out to @Deadpool198, @Anna, @twenty-one21, and @Gamestack for all of the likes. Thank you so much.

Ok so here is my issue. I believe there is a bug in the Wizard’s Door in Backwoods forest. I have passed the level running it many times however when I submit it, the numbers and variables change. Its basically like I am repeating the level but cannot officially pass it.
Here is my code:

# Move to Laszlo and get his secret number.
hero.moveXY(30, 13)
las = hero.findNearestFriend().getSecret()

# Add 7 to Laszlo's number to get Erzsebet's number.
# Move to Erzsebet and say her magic number.
erz = las + 7
hero.moveXY(17, 26)

# Divide Erzsebet's number by 4 to get Simonyi's number.
sim = erz / 4
hero.moveXY(30, 39)
# Go to Simonyi and tell him his number.
# Multiply Simonyi's number by Laszlo's to get Agata's number.
aga = sim * 7
hero.moveXY(43, 26)
# Go to Agata and tell her her number.

Again thanks for the help and for the :heart:'s everyone.


Since it says to multiply sim’s # by las’s number, do aga=sim*las Because las’s number is random, and there is no way to determine that it is always a digit 7.


Thank you so much!!! It finally worked. It did change the values but my code was a success. Thanks you @Chaboi_3000. This level stumped me for like 6 months. (Hopefully admitting that didn’t make me look bad :smile:). Thank you again!!!


you should also delete the code posted above, as others could use that as a solution.


No, it’s the wrong code. XD


yah, but all you need is that code and add your way to fix that.

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how did you do it i still can’t get it,it keeps on changing every time i press submit

Please post your code according to the FAQ. I will try my best to help. Also additional info would be helpful.

If you copied his upper code, it won’t work. he said that himself.

this is the right code

Mod edit: Please do not post final solutions.

Mod edit: Please do not post final solutions.

thanks for the help and that is a bug that is really annoying