[Solved] What does the caltrop do (Plz show screenshot)

I don’t really know, I haven’t really used it.

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This is what they are:

Right next to my hero are the caltrops.

I think caltrops only hurt enemies, but bear traps hurt both enemies and allies.

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so will it hurt your own character or no?

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No, it will not hurt your hero or your allies, probably just enemies.

ok, that’s cool. definitely considering.

final question
how much damage does it do?

idk yet. I haven’t tried it on enemies yet. I will now.

Oh nevermind, they actually do damage you and your allies.

@Dragonlouis uhh you might wanna read what @abc said before buying them

Hmm, strange…When I equip full armored gear it doesn’t damage me, but when I have no armor at all it kills me.

so please tell me if I’m right:caltrops are mini fire-traps that stay there.

The caltrops do damage to whoever crosses them. I don’t know how much exactly, but probably 10-50 damage. Get Trap Belt instead.


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so is this solved too?

that is what I am guessing. I am going to put [Solved] any way though.

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In real life, caltrops were meant to hurt and slow down horses in the mideival times. That’s my mideival trivia for y’all. :wink: