Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff! + lots of music videos

click i swear not rickroll

I really like this one.


Here’s one:

Is it just me, or has everyone here already watched that about a million times before this post and liked it.

If you like rock (like me) You should listen to Hotel California by the Eagles.

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that is literally my fav rage against the machine song

who likes Juice WRLD? I know I do…

some songs i like i can’t post like sad by xxxtentacion bc it cusses. Which sucks bc i love that song.

It’s classic already. Love it.

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The theme song from a 1970s tv show: the wombles of wimbledon common in London (very near where I used to live! I used to go there quite often, although I don’t really remember it because I was very young.):

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I like the second one, but I don’t really think we should be posting videos of making fun of presidents and other important people.

its not making fun of anyone tho its just a good song

I think it’s important to do that. If a society allows you to critique and “make fun” of not just world leaders, but it’s own leaders (how many Trump memes are there?) that’s a good sign. In China, or possibly even russia the government might have something to say about that… Like when Winnie the Pooh was banned because people said that Xi Jinping looked like him. I think it’s better to make fun of important people than random people.
Anyway, I don’t think Putin really deserves a great amount of respect. He seems a bit like a dictator to me, but no politics!


At this point “Wide Putin” has become an iconic meme, completely unrelated from actual politics. :joy:


Yea and its the only politics meme I know lol

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