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Topic for Music

Here’s a topic for anything related to music

Let’s start with a pole

  • Pop
  • Country
  • Rap
  • Anime music
  • Movie music
  • Others

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You forgot classical…


isn’t there already a topic about this?

no, there is topic only for songs

But songs is music… (charsrsrsrs)

And for instruments I guess.

bruh, there is other music, not only songs.

Isn’t music just a song with no words?

Idk music and songs are kinda the same…

Let’s try another pole with more genres.

  • Classical
  • Country
  • Rap
  • Pop
  • Movie soundtracks
  • Anime music
  • Opera
  • Spiritual songs
  • Romance
  • Rock
  • Other

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I dont know, anything from the 70s is good.

Don’t the 70’s have like the worst music in the history of music. :eyes:

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I usually just listen to piano, video game/movie soudtracks, sometimes pop, and sometimes anime op’s

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How can i lit forget classical i was listening to classical when i made the poll (shame(and Beethoven dont kill me(i was listening to Chopin)))


theres already a topic for songs and music @Deadpool198 please close this or merge it with
“Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff! + lots of music videos”

Oops, well i didn’t see that there was alr a topic about songs/music :sweat_smile:
gues this will have to close…

We’re not sure about this. There’s a topic for songs where you share literal songs. And there’s a topic for instruments.

Also, if this topic isn’t just about sharing songs, then it’s fine. Like you could talk about music generally, or genres, or instruments, but as long as you don’t just do the same thing as the other topic.

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Ok thanks for clearing things up @Deadpool198

@enPointe77 i think you just made my dad mad

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Definitely rap… nothing can beat it imo

24kgoldn and Masked Wolf too good

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