© ?{SPOILERS FREE}[“Doritos included"]Editing Google, CodeCombat hero slots,CodeCombat map, Doritos and other stuff LOL [Also Some Movie Ratings + Some Songs]FORTNITE!/#wayTooLongTopicDescription #TheTopicIsConfusingLOL.#IlluminatiConfirmed#OOF (Part 1)

Sure @Gamestack. i’ll help

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Yup thats correct…

Please make a new topic but I’ll help you.

ok thanks I made a topic for it.

I good and thank you i got from a friend


Haio Emi

Where is it?

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Damn you carrying on getting to my potential costumers first!

I posted the topic above your yoda.

I’m gone for like ten mins and boom 32 comments Whoa

Oh hi dogonapogo remeber me

60 something comments for me.

hello… is anyone here

I have been at chill’s restaurant for 5 days

I have never been to a chilli restaurant LOL :joy::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Why? Were you being held hostage? I like Chillis but can’t imaging spending five solid days there. If I was there for five days they would be completely out of guacamole and cheeseburgers.

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no they made me watch big hero six.

And it was a joke :sunglasses:

haio peoples :stuck_out_tongue: oh and thx so much i got the user of the month badge :grin:

oh and dog is meh alt