Topic for pictures

please post all pictures here please

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to say again that I’m not sure this topic is necessary. Don’t you post all kinds of pictures in the spoilers topic anyway? I don’t think you need a another topic for that.

this one is just for pictures

Alright, fine. But if no-one (other than you, that is) posts in it then I’ll shut it. We don’t want empty topics lying around…

Wow how do you guys make so many topics…


lol, yeah, i’m not using this one sry.

@abc posted this so have fun



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That wasn’t meant for this topic. It was meant for the doritos topic. Also, I didn’t post it, you just linked it here.

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yeah people kinda just post pictures in the doritos topic so is this topic really needed???

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fine whatever @Deadpool198 can close this for me please

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