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okay but no one was talking to me :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Ok I will talk to you but not now… I’m going to eat POTATOES now

i am doing an essay thou

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so i will be back later

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Okay bye 20 chaaaaaars

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i am not back completely i am just sharing this

not anymore

wow i used to play actually me and @Lydia_Song were playing together yesterday and @cheddarcheese was supposed to join us

alright so the thing is I might check every once in a while but I wont be on discourse often


but i will still tralk for you when you are not here thou @Falcons118

my brothers god at it

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really what happened to you yesterday

hey uh did lydia song say i convinced her to play? actually it was my brother not me tryna get her to play

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yeah she said that she was playing with you yesterday

that was my brother he took over

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ooof that must of sucked

What’s yellow, and something you shouldn’t drink?

pee qwerty…

a School bus.

so i am back aginn guys and i will be active as most as i can