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oops i did not know who we were talking about soooo, i guess thank you!!!

Congrats @Whats_up_People! :partying_face:


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your welcome (200000)

ok I’m here (20000000)

Please do not ping people randomly unless you have something important to say. It disrupts people’s work, and gets very annoying (I have a notification every time someone pings me.).


yay your a basic now! next is member

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same but i just helped whats up people finish cupboards of kithgard

well here’s something to make out laugh

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snowball is fluffy very fluffy

so cute

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The return of mayro: 2.

oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

do only have to be a wizard or a ranger to use emperors gloves?
( I have to get off at 3:00)

you can be ranger warrior or wizard ay can wear them

Anything is a word with 8 letters.

True, @Deadpool198. All I managed is to find the image source, unfortunately it’s useless since it does nothing. Nonetheless it’s still something worth showing off :wink:.

Yeah, you just need to change the pictures

What happened???