Star Wars Topic Warning contains fighting

Talk about how much you like star wars here. My favorite Star Wars movie is Revenge of the Sith and my favorite character is Count Dooku

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my fav character is the PORGS! (i don’t care if they aren’t a character i love them.)

They counts as a character but that belongs in another topic this one Talk about PORGS

yea the porgs are so cute but i cant belive chewie killed one and ate him

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That belongs in this topic and I feel your pain @cheddarcheese. I can’t believe chewie didn’t give him a funeral

hey they are in Star Wars so don’t get me started.

you don’t like star wars @098765432123

ok i still love PORGS! and @PeterPalov would agree.

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@PeterPalov’s clans name is PORGScomunity BTW


please @ZAX155 this is getting out of hand please stop or someone will flag you I am just trying to help out here.


oh I get it because he is ben solo

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that’s just great. :rofl:

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I’ve recently taken a liking to these jedi sentinels: