Boba Tea Topic!

This is the topic to talk about Boba!


Coconut Boba = Heaven



Lol, I thought boba stood for the snake XD


Boba Tea instead of Boba Fett!


uhhhhh there’s a topic for food already so @Deadpool198 please close his topic

Huh? Who’s @Deadpool198?

Its hard to explain. He is like a person of power on this site, like an Admin in discord kinda like that

Hes a person.
20 chars

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Ok. Thanks for explaining!

Can someone help me on my topic of “CodeCombat - Kithgard Brawl?”

Who’s “boba the snake?”

ya know you can create topics if you need help with a level

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um he did.
20 xjsrsfgr

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Boa constrictor XD (2

@Eric_Tang , why did you make my new topic: how to win kithyard brawl , as off topic?

My mistake it should be ambassador.

@Eric_Tang , what do you mean by …“it should be ambassador”? I am new to this, so I have NO idea what went wrong

Deadpool is like an admin.

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He knows that he is a admin.