Stuck in commanding followers level

Hola there! Im just starting to play the game and I’m new in programing stuff, so I loved the game inmediatly, but now I’m stuck in the commandig followers level.
Im sure my code its ok but the program doesn’t execute the “attack” command.
Please help me to fix this.
I searched in some forus and found out there’s a bug and someone said that had been fixed but aparently it’s still not working for me. Is there something else that may be causing this? like an update or maybe a complement I have to download? I’m using firefox, is there any other browser you guys recommend?
thank you for your time.

Can you post your multiplayer link? I’ll check it out. (Press the Multiplayer button at the top, enable multiplayer, and then it’ll give you a link we can use to join your game.)

It’s very possible I’ve broken something, but it’s also possible that something is out of voice or hearing range or doesn’t have line of sight or something. That level has always been a little finicky.

Hello, thanks for reply. Here is my multiplayer link.

I hope you can help me out with this!

Ah, I see the problem. You got the troops following you, but then you tell them to attack right away. You need to move the troops into range while they’re following you before they can see the ogres. Until then, there is nothing to attack.

We’re working on adding a range indicator that will make it more clear how close you have to get the troops to the ogres; that should make it easier to see what’s going on when things are out of range.