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Stuck in Summits Gate (Python){SOLVED I GUESS......}


He’s saying that’s there’s no rule against reviving old threads, provided the added comments are relevant to the content of that thread.


I liked the summit’s gate level, and I tried it again, but for some really unexplained reason the beam towers regenerate and take almost no damage, which makes them basically immortal.


then you do not have to attack them


You have to destroy every enemy. Beam towers start with 3000. I’m going to try this level tomorrow.


In mine is 2000 :no_mouth:


Hmm. thats surprising lucky :wink:


There is items as there are gems next to the warlocks


Can one of the moderators lock this topic like @Chaboi_3000 or @MunkeyShynes. I don’t think it’s gotten anywhere…


Topics will just get covered by all the other topics. Also, since necroposting is not restricted, so there’s no need to lock to prevent necroposting either.

There is no point of locking topics, honestly.


Then why do moderators do it?


I’m gonna agree with SuperSmacker there… I don’t know why Chaboi does it (Munkeyshines rarely does) I just don’t really see the point. You might as well leave it open so later someone else who’s got the same problem can use it.
:lion: :lion: :lion:


I’ll leave this topic open for discussions related to this thread. The topics I previously closed were due to Nick’s suggestion of making the forum clean.