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Stuck on Think Ahead - Cloudrip Mountain

// You need to distract "Big Bertha" until you special squad arrives.
// The cannon shoots at the pair of soldiers closest to each other.
// This function finds the pair of units
// with the minimum distance between them.
function findNearestPair(units) {
    var minDistance = 9001;
    var nearestPair = [
    // You need to check and compare all pairs of units.
    // Iterate all units with indexes "i" from 0 to "units.length".
    for (var i = 0; i < units.length; i++) {
        var itemI = units[i];
        // Iterate all units again with indexes "j".
        for (var j = 0; j < units.length; j++) {
            // If "i" is equal to "j", then skip (continue).
            if (i == j) {
            // Find the distance between the i-th and j-th units.
            var itemJ = units[j];
            var distance = itemI.distanceTo(itemJ);
            // If the distance less than 'minDistance':
            if (distance < minDistance) {
                minDistance = distance;
                nearestPair =,;
    // Reassign 'minDistance' with the new distance.
    // Reassign 'nearestPair' to the id's
    // of the current pair of units.
    return nearestPair;
while (true) {
    var soldiers = hero.findByType("soldier");
    // We know when the cannon shoots.
    if (hero.time % 8 === 5) {
        // Find which pair of soldiers in danger and protect them.
        var pairOfNames = findNearestPair(soldiers);
        // Say the soldier's names and wizards will protect them.
        hero.say(pairOfNames[0] + " " + pairOfNames[1]);

Looking for some help on this on as I’m super stuck. My hero simply says two letters and not full names like " E a" or J o." is it an issue with how i’m defining my variable nearestPair? Or something with how i’m iderating my indexes? Thanks in advance!

Only one line is wrong here:

Look at how they defined the array earlier:


P.S. thanks for formatting your code, also put javascript or java after the three ``` at the start of your code and it will recognise the javascript specific methods and the comments.