Stucked on A Mayhem of Munchkins(Lang:Python)

I want to know what is the correct code
i put this but it tell that im missing a loop
while True:
enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
if its correct then tell me plz i want to know and
NOTE:Im using the Python language

I have the same issue and have used the samy syntax. I hope this isnt a bug

Actually I played this game yesterday and went to the game develop levels but i didnt log in so im at start but now idk how to finish yesterday i finished this complete Kithgard Dungeons :cry::cry:

It’s not your code. The level is currently bugged. I’ve already solved it and my previous successful solution is no longer working.

Give it another shot now, we fixed this earlier today.

ok thnx for telling ill try right now