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[Suggestion] Advertise The CodeCombat Forum


I have a suggestion.

Suggestion: Adventurers can add a level in the dungeons advertising the fact that CodeCombat has a forum

Reason: Most people probably don’t even know there’s a forum. Knowing there’s somewhere to turn to for help will prevent many suicides (Just kidding. But it will save people from tearing out their hair as they can’t figure out the solutions for some levels). Also, the more people on the forums, the faster levels can get created (more level builders), more level testing and releasing (more adventurers) and much more!
Vote on this Idea.
(tbh I probably need this suggestion released the most, since CodeCombat forums is pretty quiet these days)

  • YES. Build this Level and get it added to the dungeons.
  • NO. Build this level, but add it some where else.
  • NO. I have a better idea for doing this (reply to the topic with your idea)
  • NO. Don’t build this level at all. Creating this level is a horrible idea.

0 voters


Sounds like a good idea


@Chaboi_3000, most people don’t see that button, tbh.