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Summits Gate, and Lazy Troops


Troops are not responding to any commands on this level. I have been breezing through the game for the most part. I am stuck for days.

Someone having a similar issue posted
Summits Gate, Functions, and Lazy Troops (Help?).

I am using java, and tried tried writing basic code to command them without any functions. They still do not listen. As a note, a hero.say( arch); command after the first for loops produces a full list of the archers.

Here is my code:

while(true) {

var alis = hero.findFriends();
var archs = [];

for( var i = 0; i < alis.length ; i++)
    if( alis[i].type ==  "archer" ) 
        archs.push( alis[i] );

for( var i = 0; i < archs.lenght; i++ )
    hero.command( archs[i], "move", {x:12,y:37} );



Im coding with Python but I can offer a little help. In your second for loop you misspelled length. Happens to me all the time.