Talk about Clash Royale

Here you can talk about Clash Royale.


Clash Royale… hmmmm… oh yeah! My dad was a pro.


Lol, I made this topic, but I have never played it.


thats just very sad oof for u

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My parents don’t allow me to play computer games…

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it technically is a mobile game :wink:

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Really? I think my parents don’t find any differences between mobile games and computer games. :laughing: :cry:



that’s just sad

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Yes, but… I have more time to play CodeCombat!

true true

I have been playing clash royale for almost a year now

idk if i should reget it so should i

I have no idea what you just said…

reinstall clash royale

uhhh sure???

@CHUA_HAN_QUAN_COLIN @CHUA_HAN_RONG_DYLAN @Chaboi_3000 if you really good at playing clash royale
watch this video
by placing top 1000 you can make 75K a month
and in 8 months you can make 600K :scream:

Can’t watch video sorry

Legendary arena challenger 1 is so low

I’m about there 20 chars

so basically its where the top 1000 people in the ladder get 600K dollars in 8 seasons. Then they do a red robin ans the winner will get like 1 million dollars