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Talk about Scratch

yeah sure @098765432123

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I will start on it on Tuesday.

I just checked scratch and found that people like very different stuff than they used to. the most popular stuff are some bad animations.

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Just an update on my game: I am not even 1/4 of the way yet… but this will be more of an RPG. So you still may get the RPG @avery_witte and @Ashmit_Singh.

ah ok @098765432123 thank you

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yes but tell me what this story is all about like a little preview

If you played the first interactive story it is the second part of it. But a lot more complex.

ah ok thanks for that i will do that

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I have a hard question for someone who REALLY knows how to use scratch… How do you make an inventory open (Which I have) And then when you close it the backdrop goes to the area they are in. (Let me know if this doesn’t make sense)