The duck should stop

I was typing a code, while the dum!
b duck said “Error” and I followed what the dumb duck said.2021-09-17 (2)_LI|690x321

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hmmmmmm as for your error i don’t see anything wrong @Chaboi_3000

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@Coder3 the duck will appear whenever there is something wrong and will disappear when you fix the issue. I kinda like the cute duck designs but that is just me.

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Yes. And I think the duck will sometimes say one problem when there’s actually a different problem. So while your problem may not be what the duck said, there’s probably another one in your code. (I like the ducks too, though they sometimes get annoying)

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Well even if the duck is gone the error will still be there :slightly_smiling_face:


it should be

for i in range(i<len(enemies)):
    #Paste your code here

then your code, OR,

for i in range(len(enemies)):
    if i < len(enemies):
        #Paste your code here

Many Thanks. My username is robot317 in Codecombat.

Me, after the bug was fixed.

Many thanks to everyone that helped me!