The error of metal detector of backward wood

Hi everyone:

I have two question of metal detector

  1. In picture 1, the code search coin by item.type==“coin”, but system sign type error.
  2. In picture 1, the code search coin of distance by “distance = hero.distanceTo(item)”, but system sign argument error.

I can’t tell the difference between picture 1 and picture 2

The picture 1 is my original answer

The picture 2 is my revised answer

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In the first picture, you defined item, then you tried to find the distance to the item. Below that, you have an if-statement that checks the type of the item. We should take into consideration that the item isn’t necessarily existing, so item might be null, which will give you an error if it’s null.

In the second picture, you made sure the item exists, then you got the distance of the existing item, which eliminated the error. Hope this explains it. If it doesn’t you can ask for more clarification :slight_smile:

PS: Please for the next time, put your code as text and formatted as well as it is easier to point out the problem

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you should probably do no else: return 0 , because wouldn’t the artillery blow itself up?