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It could be you, it could be me, it could even be…

Huh??? I assure you this is a sentence

TF2 reference

Albeit an obscure one

Ohhhhhhh from meet the spy

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Im 12 how do ik all these references :skull:

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the Spy!

This line is from the popular “Meet the Spy” video by Valve for the game Team Fortress 2. In the video, the characters are discussing the possibility that anyone could be the spy among them, which leads to a humorous and dramatic reveal. The full quote goes: “It could be you, it could be me, it could even be—” followed by an interruption and ensuing chaos.

wow the memes channel got so many memes while i was gone


Hello doxxer mannnnnnn

Did you get the candy o sent you


and no i moved(20 chars)

Awww dangggg … (FBI this is a joke chilllll)

i am part of the fbi

It’s a joke :skull::skull::skull: all of it I swear

ok good
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you better be serious

Can y’all please stop impersonating government organisations.

It’s not meeeeeeeeeeee

Wait What why
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