Topic for pets :)

not the codecombat pet but the real life pet.
(my favorite is a hedgehog :slight_smile: )

Ngl this seems like the favourite animal topic.

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sorry but this is for your pets (post photos if possible)

Still very much like animal topics.

sorry (could not find irl pets topic)

I honestly don’t think we need this topic because as Eric said, there is already a topic for animals. @Deadpool198, could you decide if we should keep this or not, and if not, will you please close this?

What is this “favourite animal” topic? If it is a topic specifically for pets then I will merge it, but if not, then I don’t see the problem. I just can’t find a topic with that name.


You can not post wild animals here, but at topic for animals, you can

Well technically, the definition of pet quote:
“a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure.”
Sooo if you tamed a tiger for example it could be your pet.
Also cause horses and pigs are pets too.


It might be to big Eric_Tang

Birbs are the best pets eaisly

no not birbs.
birbys (and lukas31 is the smartest and best birby)

My sister has a chinchilla. It is really cute and nice but sometimes it eats my books and pencils :sob:


burn it :smiling_imp:


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Um Vanessa calm down

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When you said no not birbs I was sad but ye Ur right lol

When I get home from my trip, I’ll post a picture of my doggy. She’s adorable!


Wrong thing/topic.


What do you think it looks like??
  • Doggo
  • Catto
  • Otherro
  • Mouseeo
  • I don’t knowwo

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