The pictures Of My code and the level I made

This is The level I made. Please Give feedback and say If you Like It.

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damn cool what languge? 20 char

python/javascript. Please share With People!

sure link please! 20 char

how do i link a level On level Editor? like this?
CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript | CodeCombat

no not sure idk never make level before

try this. it is the link to this conversation.

no those ss 20 character

Canโ€™t seem to figure it out.

I figured It out. go here and click the arrow.
there will be a link copy and paste it.

it level editor not the level link

The pictures Of My code and the level I made - CodeCombat Discourse

no still not working.

it just go back to previous post

You need to publish your level.

press Ctrl and click at the same time.

he didnโ€™t know how to

look it for editor

I meant to share the post :joy: :rofl: