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The Trials: Trouble Breaking Loop


Hi, I am starting The Trials, and I am stuck at the end of the first Oasis. I kill all the enemies, eat all the mushrooms and defeat the onslaught including an enormous ogre. My problem is figuring how to wait for the final attacks. I set up a loop to watch for enemies and invoke an array if enemies appear, but I don’t know how to break the loop when the enemies stop appearing.

#attack Enemies is obviously an infinite if I can’t figure out how to break it.

I know that I can use flags to solve this problem, but I was hoping for a logic based solution.

Thanks for your help.

#Gather mushrooms
shrooms = self.findItems()
itemIndex = 0
while itemIndex < len(shrooms):
nShroom = shrooms[itemIndex]
self.moveXY(nShroom.pos.x, nShroom.pos.y)
itemIndex += 1

#attack Enemies
enemies = self.findEnemies()
enemyIndex = 0
while enemyIndex < len(enemies):
enemy = enemies[enemyIndex]
while > 0:
enemyIndex +=1


Please format your code correctly by highlighting it and clicking the </> button. Thanks!

When I did the level, I found that the Oasis Guardian (the huge ogre) showed up very near the end, so I broke the loop after defeating it, then checking for enemies once or twice more.


The loop at the start of your code for attacking enemy is unnecessary as you already have a while-loop. I think it will work if you remove it as it will stop looping once there is no more enemies.


But the enemies don’t all come at once. After he gets a new set of enemies, what will happen?


Oops. Sorry for responding so late. But if you have a loop at the start of the entire thing, the while loop will break once there is no more enemy. So when a new enemy appears, the hero will find the enemy again and the while loop will continue


At some point, though, you have to move on to the next mushroom field.