The (Unofficial) (For Now...) Decryption Contest of 2024!

someone make this official lol
This is an unofficial challenge designed by me. These are pretty easy but may offer some people a challenge. There will be hints for harder ones.
1.) anxny ymnx: lnymzg htr 2Jqncw kqzkkd bfkkqj jfyjwx gqtgrfns xyju2 ycy

Good luck! winner will be announced when someone gets it

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dang it gemini won’t do it for me :skull:


o yea if you guys work as a group, only 1 person will get the title of “decryptor of 2024”

Is this it?

i did it first :skull: .

its a multistep challenge
also PianoZombie what is that discord server name :skull:

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It’s not a discord server it’s a group chat.

even worse bro what :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

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Can’t even have a group chat with my friends anymore :skull:

it comes up with a 404 not found when i go to your link

i’ve tried every combination of dashes, slashes, and periods by now

Do I get to cheat and use a decoder?

I mean, how else are you going to figure it out?

mabye :skull:

hint 1: Think. Do the spaces always mean dashes? or did I put them to throw you off and in reality there isn’t supposed to be a space there?

Ah. What about %20s? %20 sometimes equals a space/

Idk I know a few decoding techniques but I ain’t gonna spend the time to do it longhand lol

Can you give me another hint? The space thing got me nowhere.

think. i never said the repo name contained spaces

The real clue in this picture is the discord notification