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Thunderhooves question,help


i write the code ,when i run it ,the system said the" epx=enemy.pos.x was wrong ,try self.pos"


    enemy = self.findNearest(self.findEnemies())






    if enemy:

        if epx>ox:

            self.buildXY("fence", epx-10, oy)

        elif spy>oy:

            self.buildXY("fence", ox, epy-10)

        elif spx<ox:

            self.buildXY("fence", epx+10, oy)


        self.moveXY(ox, 30)


Are you sure there is an enemy around at the time where this checks happens? You should check if enemy: first, not only after the whole position-getting.

EDIT: And you should use more descriptive variablenames, the conditions where you check if the yak is above or below you, you use spy and spx instead of epy and epx.


ok,now i have solved the problem. this is the new code .

    enemy = self.findNearest(self.findEnemies())
    if enemy:
        if yackpy>oy:
            self.buildXY("fence", ox, yackpy-10)
        elif yackpy<oy:
            self.buildXY("fence", ox, yackpy+10)
        elif yackpx<ox:
            self.buildXY("fence", yackpx+10, oy)
        self.moveXY(ox+10, oy)


You can display your code in a nice way with the help of three backticks (```) before and after the code. This is also written in the FAQ, which you should read anyway before posting.
I did it for you this time.

Looks good to me.

Here’s a tip from me. Please don’t take it as if you made something wrong. You just happened to trigger my advice-mode, where I give random hints to other people.

If your variablename is composed of multiple words, you can also write it in CamelCase. This is a form of labeling that improves readability even more, and helps you to grab the meaning of a variable in one glance.

yakposx isthexpositionoftheyak

yakPosX is something about the Yak. Ah, the position. Ah, the x.

The uppercase-letters simply help to read the name. The human eye usually does not read the whole text, but only the landmarks of a text. This includes Uppercase letters, unusal fonts (by mixing two fonts), indentations, other text colors (you noticed the hyperlink immediatly, right?) and some more.
Sadly this also applies to code-reading. Just yesterday I checked the code of someone, and didn’t noticed an error, just because I started to scan over it. That was not the fault of the code. But code can be written in a way that makes it more interesting to read, so readers are less likely to fall in scan-mode.


//enter humor mode

Wait, what? that “yakposx” wasn’t “yakposix” the design standards of yaks?? Well, I’ll be.

(Psst, I tend to yakx instead of yakX myself (stupid shift key is soooo hard).) :smiley:

//make own choice about leaving humor mode…

thelongerthevarable theharderitis toparse. (“top-arse” or “to-parse”)


J_F_B_M is the hintmaster. It’s what we pay him(her?) to do :wink:

Also, I did not know that about CamelCase!! Merci!


If just they would. Also these are my initials, as you can see in my profile it’s Joachim F. Brehmer-M. (I’ll keep the F and M secret for now ;))