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You can talk about favorite super hero’s, villains, theory’s and of course what movie do you like best. My favorite super hero in the Avengers is Captain America. Note: no spoilers and I have watched all the movies.

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my favorite avenger is thor and how thor hates loki

So who is your favorite avenger @ZAX155


yeah Thor rocks I always wonder how Thor’s sister crushed his hammer. With super strength

yeah i like how in avengers endgame how thor looks fat

Someone should tell him to exercise.

My favorite is Iron man, and I’m trying to design a simplified iron man suit. he has over 60 different suits, but my favorite is a fanmade one called iron tron.
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my favorite iron man suit up scene
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by the time he’s in iron man 3, he only has 42 suits, but by infinity war, he has over 60.

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I like your new profile @_Codemaster

pls dont advertise on different topics zax

that looks like mark 5, but it is probably newer.

that was four days ago and i havent since and it is thor so get it right @cheddarcheese