Topic for testing new levels

I will help test any levels if someone makes one I will test play and tell you what it needs and what is wrong with it.


Hey @Archipelago-Gold sounds like a great idea. I recategorized this topic just so that more people will be able to find it. If I create any new level I’ll most definitely notify you.

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Okay thanks I am a game dev that really enjoys creating and testing games. Thanks, @Luke10


Of course!

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Here is my new level:

Can you give me some feeback?

Okay will do I look forward to trying your game!

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Do you have any of the enemy’s named?

@abc do any of the enemies have names because it will not accept attack enemy it said target is null is that the name of the enemy??

I beat it
Its a good level and I kinda had to “cheat” to beat it
(I will explain in the PM)

I figured it out but here are some things you need to fix.

  1. Add name to the Hulk Brawler

  2. Get rid of the fire in the area the Hulk Buster is in and maybe put jail cell around it or something like that to make it looked like it broke out of jail.

  3. Add a name to the doors

  4. Finally add name to the chests

Other than that the game is great and I have completed it but it took a while It. Good job on the game and I look forward to testing more of your games in the future.

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I was thinking that the fire was a defense mechanism as well as the “guard tower” (which is the beam tower).

When I attack, it works. Find the nearest enemy, if there is an enemy, then attack it. It worked for me.

@abc i know and the fire doesn’t hurt anyone

Okay, I will remove the fire.

How do I name something so it shows up on the play screen? I know how to configure the name that pops up when you select a unit.

And just add the names so it is more complex and not as simple so it creates a little more of a challenge

So you know how when you make variable for enemy?

Where do I change the names, can you provide a screenshot?

do you know how you make the variable for the enemy?

@abc do you know how you create a variable for the enemy?