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Urgent problem for the second Labykith (java)


Hello I would like to know that it is the java solution for the second Labykith because I can not activate the loop !!!


If you click on the “while-true loop” in the API area, it will show you examples of how to write a while-true loop.


It does not work look



Can you click on the “Aide” button in the top right for hints?


He shows me his!!!



Did you select Java? Java is not supposed to be available as we have only begun testing it.

Avez-vous sélectionné Java? Java n’est pas censé être disponible car nous avons seulement commencé à le tester.



Yes i used the java language and it is available because i use it look


Java is not supposed to be available. Only Admin should have access to it and only for testing. We do not support Java at this time. You will need to play in another language – I recommend Python or JavaScript.

Java n’est pas censé être disponible. Seul l’administrateur devrait y avoir accès et seulement pour les tests. Nous ne prenons pas en charge Java pour le moment. Vous aurez besoin de jouer dans une autre langue - Je recommande Python ou JavaScript.


loop {
Move right
Move down
move right
Move down