Village Champion Bug

So there’s this weird problem with my code. It says there is an unexpected token in line 20 whether there is text in there or not. Here’s a few screenshots depicting of what I mean.

Please post your code, your images block the line I need to see which is line 38 from the first image

You will not have forgotten a “}” at line 19?

The main thread is here: I need some assistance on the Level: Village Champion

Ah, I know, one of the ending brackets is unexpected and gives an error

Okay I finished the level. But I don’t know if there is a bug or not. Because it’s says there’s an error even though there’s nothing there.

It’s a glitch, the actual line where there is an error is in the brackets - 1, it says (40:0) which means line 40, character 1, but it’s line 39, character 1 :)