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Web Development 2 | Animania Help


so im trying to pass the level on Web Development 2.
My code looks like this:

I dont get what I’m doing wrong.
I’ve added properties to the animation but it still say’s incomplete.

Here is the webpage to the result (i know it looks horrible but it’s just an example^^):

I’d be happy if someone could help me with that.



I copy paste your code and it completes the goal for me.

What Internet browser do you use? Can you email us at so we can look into your session?


I am currently using Firefox.


I’m pretty sure it has to do with the way I’m detecting changes to the player’s CSS code.

Chome works fine if you absolutely must play it, otherwise the next level after that is:

I’ll be looking into a fix over the next few days, thanks Hubit.


Thanks a lot!
It worked in Chrome so yeah.
Thank you very much for your help!