What are you supposed to do when you create levels?

How do you create your example code? And how do you make your goals succeed? And how do you make your thangs bigger or smaller? https://codecombat.com/play/level/world-of-doom and how do you make it give you xp or gems? And when I try to do what @sotoin suggested…

… nothing happend!


it only is the same size.


As here I tried this in the following screenshot:

What can I do,

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Example code is done through the “Hero Placeholder” thang. in programmable->plan. look at an existing level for an example.

For goals. it depends on the goal. for hero survive or kill goals. you just add KillThangs and SaveThangs properties to them.

To make something bigger or smaller add the ui.Scales component and adjust the scaleFactor

We’ve also started working on some docs here: https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/wiki/Sample-Code and https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/wiki/Building-A-Level – check 'em out, improve 'em if you can! Hope they help.