What can i do to fix this error?


Can someone help me to fix this error. I want to be able to teleport the enemies if they are within the range of 7 coordinates from HERO. Else the code should pull then bust at the coordinates (14, 52)

when you define a function you do something like this:

def function(argument1, argument2):


def function('argument1', 'argument2'):

Could you be so kind to like write the whole code because i am still confused of what to do

He’s saying remove the quotes around enemy.

yes :] (20 chars says I’m correct)

So my code is fine but i just need to remove the quotes to make it work?

yep (20 chars agrees)

what shall I code if the opponent has teleported enemies to your base and you want to teleport it back at that exact time. Please could you be so kind to help.
I have been struggling on this code for the past 2 days

Anomalies have their cooldown, so if you want to make pull/burst/teleport work you need write something like this:

if hero.isReady("burst")
   hero.special("burst", 14, 52)

Also, what do you mean by 'enemy' <7? Enemy is not a number, it’s an object. Do you want to find the distance to enemy or the number of enemies?


Could you write the whole code as it is sooo hard!

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Okay, then you need to write this:

if enemy and hero.distanceTo(enemy) <7:
   if hero.isReady("teleport")
      hero.special("teleport", 14, 52)

By the way, don’t forget to determine the enemy in the beginning.

Something like this before i enter the code?


if enemy and guard.distanceTo(enemy) < 7:
   if hero.isReady("teleport")
      hero.special("teleport", 14, 52)

remember, guard, not hero

Still not working. I am not sure what mistake I did now.

@moonwatcher348 @PeterPalov


Put all that in a while true loop.
You need isReady for pull and burst as well as teleport.
If you want to write hero find nearest enemy, you need to write a function for that. If you do not want to do that, you should use guard’s nearest enemies.

Sorry for the inconvenience but i have defined the guards but they do not seem to move. I have written the exact code from the start and my guards remain stationary. Could you be so kind to help?



@PeterPalov @moonwatcher348 Could you be so kind to help me one last time?

Are you still facing the same problem?