What do you do in Dance off

I just saw the level come out and I entered the level and I see heros just moving around and the documentation says to ahem

// Move in sync with your dance partner to impress Pender Spellbane.

And I have no idea what to do

move in sync with your dance partner…

sync, short for synchronization, meaning: to happen at the same time.

so, move [the same as] your partner . . . if they go up you go up, they go left you go left…

Ok now that I got that down I am confused on what to do to keep pace with the other dancers

If you keep pace with your partner, you should be fine. (You have the same partner the whole time.)

Did you check out the “Help” button in the level? If you’re stuck, hopefully that should get you started with a few hints. If you looked at it, and it didn’t help, let us know so we can try to make the help better :).