What do you do when you are bored

this is where you can tell people what you do when you are bored

I am sorry don’t be alarmed but I will call @Deadpool198 to see if this is needed.

no please dont do that

it’s just to see if it is valid to stay.

when I’m bored I play minecraft, or go for a walk.

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i get on this discourse when i am bored

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I think it’s ok. Although I don’t see why you don’t just ask this question on the spoiler topic, but it’s up to you. As long as your topic has a specific purpose there’s no problem.


thank you for not closes this topic

what do you do when you are bored @Deadpool198

well there you go @ZAX155 that answers you I presume? thanks for coming @Deadpool198.

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i usually do random code combat multiplayer levels.Sometimes i help other people on levels or just do levels myself

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